The Prioritise You Summit

Build or grow a business where your health, wealth and happiness are your priority

Starting 18th March!

Prioritise You, Wealth, Health, Life!

Ready to make yourself a priority?

Want to be healthy?

Want to be wealthy?

Want to live on your terms?


You Ready?

As a Nutritionist of over 17 years, one of the main contributing factors to poor health that I see time and time again in my nutrition clients, is that they are living a life designed for someone else.

If you are waking up in the morning still exhausted.

If your health issues are increasing year by year

If you have a feeling of dread on a Sunday evening

If you are dragging yourself through each day existing, instead of living

If you are struggling to make ends meet financially

If you feel like you are walking in a strangers shoes

If you want inspiration and guidance on how to increase your vitality and motivation to achieve exciting things

If you want turn your health around and would like some guidance by top professionals

If you want to feel inspired about your days, weeks and years ahead

If you want to live a life true to your purpose (or even find out what that purpose is!!)

If you want to know how you can dramatically improve your financial situation, even if you have a busy day job

If you want to begin to live an authentic existence, and feel inspired by your future

......... Then you should read on.

We have certainly grown up in a world where putting yourself first can be seen as selfish, especially if you are a Gen Xer, like me.  Where desiring more money can be seen as bad, wrong or greedy. Where putting your needs as a priority can be seen as self indulgent. Where living a life authentic to who you are and what you believe in can be seen as incorrect, unsafe or even stupid!

Its not, and i'm going to prove it to you alongside 10 successful people in the field of life, finance, personal growth and health who have walked the walk and made it to the top all while being authentic, kind and dedicated to paying it forward.

These awesome humans have been chosen because not only are they successful in what they do, they are a credit to living as who they are while promoting health, happiness and success for others. Something I believe we all get to do.

And these inspirational professionals are taking the time out to show you how you can too.  They will share:

Join this complimentary event and begin your journey of prioritising your health and wealth, so you can live your most authentic, happy, life.

In The Prioritise You, Complimentary Summit, You Will Learn:

The Wealth

Learn how you can replace your income to suit the lifestyle of your dreams!

The Health

Make your health a priority, get in shape, and feel great no matter your age!

The Freedom

Design your days, weeks and years to be spent doing the things you love. Do life your way!

The Permission

You don't need it! Its your life!

About Amy - BSc, DipNT, BSYA (Nutri)

Amy, aka The Dietista is no ordinary Nutritionist.....

With over 17 years of experience helping people in a health crisis be the boss of their body, Amy saw that many of her clients poor health was directly affected by their level of happiness in their lives and careers, a story she knows all too well.

Amy’s own health was impacted due to the stress and living a life designed for someone else.

Amy now works with clients to:

  • Reverse health damage and restore to its optimum using tailored nutrition.

  • Remember life's purpose and stay true to what you want and who you are.

  • Be unapologetically wealthy, healthy and happy, walking the path you were always supposed to be on.

  • Build an income that is in line with your purpose

  • Be you!!! Screw being anything else!

Amy works with clients globally to live authentically and uncage their inner rebel. 

 Amy is the Owner of Poop School, an online digestive health school, The Dietista nutrition program range and The Prioritise You Academy, is a global speaker, writer for The Wellness Universe and has been a guest on OM Times Radio, Seattle and Coach on Fire Radio, NY 

You Ready?

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